C.U. Lee

C.U. Lee (李宗恩Li Zong’en) was a faculty member at Peking Union Medical College for fourteen years and later became its Director, when PUMC reopened after the end of World War II. He was known as a man of great integrity, and he had left his position as a professor at PUMC to join in the anti-Japanese resistance. He was a renowned tropical medicine expert and is considered to be the founder of scientific research on tropical medicine in China. His personal research focused on how to treat parasitic infections, especially roundworm infections and malaria. In addition to his work at PUMC, he was instrumental in the establishment of Guiyang Medical University and later became its first president. After being labeled a “rightest” in 1957 due to his outspokenness, he was exiled to Kunming, where he passed away due to illness.